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March 1 - 2, 2019

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2019 Theme

The Technology Effect

This year the Connect IT Conference will focus on the applications and impact of technology on our mental health in the digital age. The ubiquity and rapid growth of technology have enabled us to advance as a society and improve the way we interact, work, and live but this advancement has not come without cost.

As the line between digital and reality become blurred we will explore how new challenges and stresses in the digital age impact our mental health and lifestyle as a result of the emergence of new innovative technological capabilities. We will explore how the world of commerce is adapting to these new challenges as well as capitalizing on new opportunities through the development of business strategy driven to advance our mental well-being.


Explore various applications of new and emerging technology trends and their impact to society and businesses.

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Learn more about issues that emerge as a result of the rapid development of these technologies.

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Develop genuine connections with industry thought leaders to help you become the best version of yourself.


Not only does Connect I.T consistently bring out speakers with a wealth of information and insight - they are able to keep the audience engaged and wanting more.

Samuel Kieme, 5th Year

The Positive Effects of Technology on Mental Health

The best part of these new advancements, though, is that they help people suffering from the most common affliction in the country: mental illness. I know that there are a lot of people who will say technology does more harm than good for those with mental instabilities, but it’s important to recognize how today’s technological advancements help the people already afflicted..


3 Ways Technology is Messing with our Mental Health

We all know technology is sweeping through society like never before. We are starting to realize that..


What Is the Future of Mental Health Technology?

We hear a lot about the adverse impact of technology on our mental wellbeing, but several new tech projects aim to prove that virtual simulations and robotics, for example..


Since inception at Ryerson University in 2005, Connect IT has grown to become one of Canada's largest undergraduate business technology conferences. The Connect IT Conference aims to explore the application of new and emerging technology trends and their impact on society in a way that connects people together.

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